Paul Harcourt VE3BDW SK

We have recently learned that Paul Harcourt VE3BDW, one of our founding members, became a Silent Key in 2015.

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Note from Nigel Johnson VE3ID:

Dear TFMCS members:

I was saddened to hear that Paul Harcourt, VE3BDW had become a silent key. My association with Paul goes back to my high-school days when I lived at McCowan and Lawrence in Scarborough, a long way from the TFMCS meeting place which was always at Yonge and Sheppard in those days. At the time, Paul worked at the Frigidaire plant on Eglinton East and drove out to my home to pick me up and go to meetings.

Paul was one of the charter members of the Society. I remember sharing the digging of the hole for the current shack with him and several other locals, now SKs as well, during the summer of 1971. Many people do not realise that the shack door is actually a cold-room door that Paul procured for us! While officially our treasurer for many years, he was involved in just about everything. As an avid skier and member of the Sky-Loft Ski club, he was our liaison with our neighbours until his health forced him to take a lesser role.

Of course, the annual barbeque was a trademark of his hospitality. Few knew of the amount of work he put into organising it, coralling the burgers and those delicious bratwurst sausages from his personal butcher and bringing them up the hill. How can we replace him?

I have very fond memories of the camaraderie shared during board meetings at his house, and later on at the local Realtor's office where he arranged for us to meet. In fact, I cannot remember a time when Paul was not an active member of the board.

Paul may have passed on to that great QSO party where there is never any QRM or QRN, but his spirit lives on in a little piece of turf on the top of a hill in Uxbridge.

Nigel, VE3ID