VE3TWR C4FM mode

Andy VA3CW writes:

Mike and I had opportunity to have a C4FM QSO through VE3TWR (U) this morning. I was using the FT1DR inside my car as I commuted from home (Kipling/Dundas) to the office (Dixie/Eglinton). Here are few digital-specific observations:

  • C4FM narrow mode (DN) provides solid and robust audio - good audio bandwidth with a slight but noticeable artifacting
  • Digital voice wide (VW) mode has incredible quality audio - full bandwidth with absolutely no noticeable artifacting
  • Auto mode switches users seamlessly between VW and DN
  • In DN mode GPS info is exchanged between the stations in QSO - no GPS info is available in VW mode
  • IN DN and VW mode the repeater call and user calls are displayed
  • I heard a couple of 'hits' and very low level 'bubbling' when in some more difficult RF areas
  • Overall the QSO experience was 5/5 - I'd use this on a regular basis

Specific to VE3TWR (U):

  • RF coverage is greatly improved over the old equipment - and the replacement of the defective coax jumper. I worked digital mode into the P1 underground at the office
  • FM mode has great audio quality and level - PL levels are ideal
  • Some users may not be aware that the repeater does operate in digital mode - we had a couple of obvious "keyers" this morning, no doubt trying to figure out what was happening