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Toronto ARES nets

Amateur Radio stations anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area are invited to check into the evening nets of the Toronto ARES Group.
The nets begin with a call out to roll call stations but the Net Control Station (VE3NCS) will also issue a call for any station anywhere to check in.

All weeknight nets start at 8.00 PM.

The Net on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights is a SIMPLEX net on 147.405 MHz. You must transmit a PL tone of 103.5 hz.

The Monday night net is held on the VE3TNC repeater (147.270+) in downtown Toronto. No tone required.

The Wednesday night net is held on the VA3GTU repeater 4B (444.850+) in downtown Toronto. 103.5 tone required.

The Friday night net is held on the VA3GTU repeater 4C (443.750+) in Scarborough. 103.5 tone required.

On Saturday nights additional nets are held

  • at 8.30 PM on repeater VE3RPT (147.060+) and
  • at 9.00 PM on 6 Meter repeater VA3ECT (53.390-).

On Sunday evening three nets are held.

  • At 8 PM a net is held on the VE3BEG repeater (224.860-).
  • At 8.30 PM a simplex net is held on 446.025 MHz.
  • At 9.00 PM a 6 Meter simplex net is held on 52.525 MHz.

None of these 3 nets require a tone.

At 5.30 PM on Sundays, the GTA Regional Net is held on the CN Tower repeater VE3TWR 145.410-(103.5) and 444.400+.

By participating in any of these nets you are putting your radio on the air and ensuring that it is working properly.

You are also informing all the other Amateur Radio Operators in Toronto that you are on the map. That you exist.

Being an Amateur Radio Operator means you talk on a radio with other Amateur Radio Operators.
Checking into the ARES Nets is your best easy way to do that on VHF and UHF.

Print out this message for reference. Relay over to your club's website or newsletter.

73 - Toronto ARES Group

Update on VE3RPT

VE3RPT B DSTAR on 443.225 + is back online with great coverage in the GTA area and points north to Barrie. VE3RPT B is often connected to XRF005B reflector which is a reflector that other GTA repeater are also connected to. This repeater is connected to the FREESTAR DSTAR network and it is not uncommon to hear others from all over the world on this network was well.

No DSTAR registration is required to connect to this network. Only a valid Amateur Radio callsign in your MYCALL field. (This is a change in recent history)

To ensure that you are using VE3RPT B correctly, you want the following values set on your radio:

MYCALL (your callsign) VA3MW (as examaple)
RPT1 VE3RPT B <---- there is 1 space before the B (this is the repeater you are on) RPT2 VE3RPT G <---- same as above - 1 space (this is the gateway OUT of VE3RPT B so that your radio audio makes it out to the reflectors) You will also notice that on this repeater and VE3RPT C (145.25) you will see the current Air Temp and average wind speed displayed from time to time. The measurements are made right from the tower at the repeater site. The complete weather details are at Weather Underground

Distracted Driving Law: Ontario Extends Exemption

RAC Bulletin 2012-057E - Distracted Driving Bulletin: Ontario Extends Exemption

The Radio Amateurs of Canada are today announcing written confirmation from Minister Bob Chiarelli of the Ontario Provincial Government regarding a five year extension of exemption to the Ontario distracted driving law. In his letter, Minister Chiarelli explains that the current exemptions for both Amateur Radio and Two Way Commercial Radios will be extended until January 1st, 2018.

Minister Chiarelli expresses his hope that in that time commercial hands free alternatives will be found for two way radios. While RAC finds victory in the five year extension, a permanent solution is desired and required.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada will continue to pursue a permanent exemption for Amateur Radio operators in Ontario. Similar exemptions already exist in many other provincial jurisdictions in Canada - thanks in part to the efforts of local amateurs and RAC's national strategy to address distracted driving legislation.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada is Canada's national voice for Amateur Radio. Our efforts not only promote the Amateur Radio Service but protect it from regulatory interference that may lead to less capability to provide emergency communications. Not already a RAC member? Why not join today at
and find out about the many benefits our members enjoy across the country and the world beyond.

Bill Gade, VE4WO
Regulatory Affairs

Coverage Plots from Mike VA3MW

Mike VA3MW writes:

I've done some number crunching in Radio Mobile and here are the 2M VE3RPT coverage plots of a typical mobile, a typical hand held [and] a typical base station with an Omni antenna at 6db gain at 10M with 50 watts.

I have also added the KML files for Google Earth.

I'm sure these will generate some discussion.

As time permits, I will do more.

VE3RPT 2m Handheld Coverage
VE3RPT 2m Mobile Coverage
VE3RPT 2m Home Coverage

VE3RPT Coverage (KML files)