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Help Wanted

We need to do some repair work at the Skyloft site. Members of our technical committee were up there in the summer and fixed several issues. Other issues still need attention, including some of the antennas, various feed lines, and the roof of the shack. Please check out our Bug Reports database to see what needs to be done.

Update: Mike VA3MW has recently replaced the antenna for VE3DHL (1286 MHz). Initial tests look good - please try it out and let us know what you find.

If you are able to spare any time, expertise or materials we would like to hear from you. Please contact Luc VA3LMS (lms350 at for more details.

We are also accepting donations. Visit the donations page for more details.

Distracted Driving Law: Ontario Extends Exemption

RAC Bulletin 2012-057E - Distracted Driving Bulletin: Ontario Extends Exemption

The Radio Amateurs of Canada are today announcing written confirmation from Minister Bob Chiarelli of the Ontario Provincial Government regarding a five year extension of exemption to the Ontario distracted driving law. In his letter, Minister Chiarelli explains that the current exemptions for both Amateur Radio and Two Way Commercial Radios will be extended until January 1st, 2018.

Minister Chiarelli expresses his hope that in that time commercial hands free alternatives will be found for two way radios. While RAC finds victory in the five year extension, a permanent solution is desired and required.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada will continue to pursue a permanent exemption for Amateur Radio operators in Ontario. Similar exemptions already exist in many other provincial jurisdictions in Canada - thanks in part to the efforts of local amateurs and RAC's national strategy to address distracted driving legislation.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada is Canada's national voice for Amateur Radio. Our efforts not only promote the Amateur Radio Service but protect it from regulatory interference that may lead to less capability to provide emergency communications. Not already a RAC member? Why not join today at
and find out about the many benefits our members enjoy across the country and the world beyond.

Bill Gade, VE4WO
Regulatory Affairs