Update on VE3RPT

VE3RPT B DSTAR on 443.225 + is back online with great coverage in the GTA area and points north to Barrie. VE3RPT B is often connected to XRF005B reflector which is a reflector that other GTA repeater are also connected to. This repeater is connected to the FREESTAR DSTAR network and it is not uncommon to hear others from all over the world on this network was well.

No DSTAR registration is required to connect to this network. Only a valid Amateur Radio callsign in your MYCALL field. (This is a change in recent history)

To ensure that you are using VE3RPT B correctly, you want the following values set on your radio:

MYCALL (your callsign) VA3MW (as examaple)
RPT1 VE3RPT B <---- there is 1 space before the B (this is the repeater you are on) RPT2 VE3RPT G <---- same as above - 1 space (this is the gateway OUT of VE3RPT B so that your radio audio makes it out to the reflectors) You will also notice that on this repeater and VE3RPT C (145.25) you will see the current Air Temp and average wind speed displayed from time to time. The measurements are made right from the tower at the repeater site. The complete weather details are at Weather Underground