2014 Annual General Meeting and Picnic

Notice of Annual General Meeting & Picnic

Where: VE3RPT Repeater Site, Skyloft Ski Resort
(Beside the green building)
722 Chalk Lake Road
Uxbridge, Ontario

When: Sunday, September 21st, 2014, 11:00 am (sharp)


Registration and refreshments (10:30 – 11:00 am)
AGM begins (11:00 am)
a. Review of the 2013 financial statement
b. General reports
c. Election of directors
Open discussion (ending in time for the annual picnic at 12 noon)

We need your help!

Directors sit on the board for a 2 year term. We elect 4 each year so that we have some continuity in the group.

The positions of the following directors are up for election this year:

Luc Seguin VA3LMS*
Anne Jones VE3KWI
Lambert Philadelphia VE3LYP
Ralph Muecke VE3VXY/VE3CIW

* = also a member of the Technical Committee

This year, while directors are running for the open positions, please consider running for an open position. Nominations can be made any time up until and during the meeting (make advance nominations known by emailing info at tfmcs.org).

Note: Your membership must be current as of the date of the AGM. Renewals may be made at the meeting and renew reminders will be sent out prior to the meeting date. If you are unsure of your renewal date, please email membership at tfmcs.org or call 705-324-0638.

We would like to see you at the meeting, however if you are unable to attend we would appreciate your vote. Proxies may be returned by online form, mail or telephone by calling 705-324-0638 and leaving a message with your name, callsign, validation code and stating that you give your voting rights to the directors of TFMCS as stated in the proxy form.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments that you would like addressed either personally or at the meeting, please do not hesitate to email or call.

Best regards,
Your Board of Directors

VE3CSO Jim McCullough
VE3KWI Anne Jones
VA3LMS Luc Seguin
VE3SST Neil Macklem
VE3VXY Ralph Muecke
VE3ZXC Ray Chow
VE3LYP Lambert Philadelphia

Membership renewals will be accepted before the meeting starts. See you there!

Read the minutes of the 2013 annual general meeting.

VE3RPT changes

The VE3RPT VHF 2 meter repeater now requires 103.5 tone

There are some other changes - the 1.2 GHz and the 220 had the feed lines repaired, vacuumed and gassed.

Please try out the above repeaters and let us know if any changes are noticed.

Thanks Ralph ve3vxy

VE3TWR C4FM mode

Andy VA3CW writes:

Mike and I had opportunity to have a C4FM QSO through VE3TWR (U) this morning. I was using the FT1DR inside my car as I commuted from home (Kipling/Dundas) to the office (Dixie/Eglinton). Here are few digital-specific observations:

  • C4FM narrow mode (DN) provides solid and robust audio - good audio bandwidth with a slight but noticeable artifacting
  • Digital voice wide (VW) mode has incredible quality audio - full bandwidth with absolutely no noticeable artifacting
  • Auto mode switches users seamlessly between VW and DN
  • In DN mode GPS info is exchanged between the stations in QSO - no GPS info is available in VW mode
  • IN DN and VW mode the repeater call and user calls are displayed
  • I heard a couple of 'hits' and very low level 'bubbling' when in some more difficult RF areas
  • Overall the QSO experience was 5/5 - I'd use this on a regular basis

Specific to VE3TWR (U):

  • RF coverage is greatly improved over the old equipment - and the replacement of the defective coax jumper. I worked digital mode into the P1 underground at the office
  • FM mode has great audio quality and level - PL levels are ideal
  • Some users may not be aware that the repeater does operate in digital mode - we had a couple of obvious "keyers" this morning, no doubt trying to figure out what was happening