Skyloft update, May 2015

You may have noticed the technical team led by Mike VA3MW has been making changes to the repeater system. Last week, our new controller was installed and is now functional on 147.060 and 224.860. Other repeaters will follow in the coming weeks as the integration continues.

The beep you hear is the indication that the Time Out Timer (TOT) has been reset allowing for you to continue your QSO. You are not required to wait until the repeater tail drops as you may have done in the past.

We are still in our integration phase, so there are many changes that are still ongoing as we build for the future.

There is a lot more information to come, including how to link repeaters together, etc. If you are an IRLP user, all you need to do is follow the original instructions that you may have received in your membership package, except you are not required to dial 3171 any more. Just dial the IRLP commands as outlined. Also, IRLP is only functional from 147.060 at this time. Inbound calls to IRLP will also ring out on 147.060.