Site update

Originally posted June 19.

This is what is working today.

  1. Internet was down - it is now back up. It is running on ac for now. (Inverter is no good.)
  2. RPT 70cm side is up and running both system fusion and FM
  3. RPT 2m side is running only FM until update is completed.
  4. BEG Icom 220 is running 20 watts with no amp.
  5. IRLP is off line.
  6. D-star running linking available
  7. Batteries were cleaned and topped-up
  8. Both tower 2m 70cm are ok.

This is what needs to be done.

  1. Six meter. Works on the receive side. Duplexers to be installed.
  2. 1.25 g is up and running
  3. Clean up the shack in progress
  4. 10m still on hold until transmitter finds a spot.
  5. TWR 70cm side needs firmware update.
  6. Siding on roof for the shack needs to be closed off from mice and raccoons. (In progress)
  7. AGM meeting and picnic to be planned

We will make another trip soon at a later date.

Thanks to the following people for helping out.
Malcolm, Nigel, Paul, Ian, Henry, & William

Bill Dunn VE3BMO SK

From Jim VE3CSO:

Bill Dunn VE3BMO passed away on April 24, 2012. Bill goes all the way back to the 60's and 70's when he produced a number of 8 x10 photos for TFMCS - these can also be viewed on our website. We only missed the boat on this one by 5 years!

Please see the obit.

Here is a photo from 1970 with Bill in the foreground, Norbert VE3DSB at left and Lloyd VE3ERQ (supplied by Norbert VE7DKB):