Steve Walmsley, VE7SGW (ex-VE3GBK), SK

From Steve's widow Linda, via Nigel VE3ID:

It is with a broken heart I tell you all that Steve passed away on February 12th at the Langley Hospice. He was surrounded by love and family and went peacefully. We will do a celebration of life on June 1st at my sister's home in Langley and I will make sure you are aware of the details. We will be posting an obituary in the Toronto Star, but please share this with anyone you think will want to know.

There is a big chunk of me missing now and I know it will be the same for you - but we are better for having him in our lives even for too short a time.

As you know Steve was the mover behind getting the 1984 repeater controller finished and built, as well as sole-sourcing the CIB1 board of which hundreds of copies were sold.

Here is the obituary: